Country Road by Paula Fuga feat. Jack Johnson covered by us, Lionel and Casey of Tigers in the Sky

We hope you like it, it reminds of us our home in Hawaii, though we are far from it. Thanks as always for all of your kind words, support, reblogs and the like. We appreciate it xoxo.

I’ve always loved this song, sums up island life for sure. It’s a nice piece of home from us to you

Me gusta.

"I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeVille"

J, M, E and I came across a casting call for a television show and decided to send in our photos to be cast as extras. It was a good time. 

The girls met me at my apartment after I got back from work around 11:30 pm the night before. M and J wanted to go on a Wal-Mart run since the dress code strictly forbade black and grey, hahah. Let’s just say M wore exactly what you’re not supposed to wear. We didn’t get back to my place until about 2:30 in the morning after recklessly choosing McD’s for dinner. My call time was at 5:30 am, which meant we literally got about a good hour or so of sleep before we had to wake up. 

After a rushed change of clothes in the dark, and a thirty-minute drive to Long Beach with a chilled McGriddle in hand - we made it with enough time to spare to get there, get checked in and eat some more breakfast (haha). We had to take a shuttle from the parking lot at the LB Convention Center to the high school where the shoot was taking place. I literally had so many flashbacks of my time in my high school marching band. The shuttle ride to the school, the bright lights of the football stadium awaiting our entrance, and the crisp, cool air accompanying the dark night or early morning. 

We checked in and were greeted with a table of cereal, oatmeal, fruits, and other treats. I grabbed myself a bowl of fruit loops and a cup of pineapple juice. Making our way back into “holding” (AKA the school’s basketball gym), we enjoyed our breakfast while filling out a confidentiality agreement along with an I-9. I was low key nervous, despite knowing that I would only be a blur in the background hahah. 

The costume department then called us up in line to ensure that our outfits were camera ready. Donning a Brandy Melville muscle tee, jeans, white Converse, and D’s XL faded, green flannel - the lady took one look at me and said I was good to go. M, J, and E had to take a visit to wardrobe where they were given BRIGHT… NEON colored jackets to wear. Which is ironic because the casting agency requested that we wear dark, fall-colored pieces. While waiting for them to change, I started up a conversation with an Asian kid with a combover, wearing a sweater and polka-dot bow tie. Turns out he was a 30 yr-old who works at another major television station. Mind = blown.

A lady then took the herd of us to the stadium where we lined up to receive a poster board - red on one side and white on the other. By the time the photo below was taken, the sun was making its way up in the sky to greet us ‘good morning’. 


We then made our way up the bleachers. By our feet were instructions taped to the floor with numbered cues. 1-9… either red or white. Along with about 200 other extras we were responsible for spelling out words with our posters. It wasn’t an easy gig. Especially with the rising sun and the amount of skill required to flip the board without injuring your neighbor (half-kidding, hahah). But seriously, there was no graceful way of flipping the boards. 


From the bleachers we witnessed a musical scene involving the main cast members. It was dope. It was like witnessing real-life plastics. After nearly every take, hair and make-up would make their way to them to fix ‘em up and keep them looking fresh. Walking by them on set was also a very nice touch. They’re just humans that happen to have their whole lives on blast for the world to see. I guess it comes with the territory. But my point is - they’re people. No biggie.


After a few takes, we made our way back to holding and were given donuts and bagels. I want to guess and say we spent about an hour or so just chilling in the gymnasium. I definitely took advantage of that free time to take a nap. A few hours later we were fed again. Seriously. So. Amazing. We went outside to a long table of steak, fish, rice, mashed potatoes, veggies, pasta, beans, and bread. I took a little bit of everything. It was amazing. I was mostly convinced at that point that I would be down to do another casting call because of the food. Getting paid AND getting fed?! I’m so there.


After a good 9 1/2 hour day accompanied with snacks on snacks, we checked out and hung around in Downtown LB for a little to recuperate from hours sitting in the raging sun. image

This is Meg eating cinnamon toast with a bottle of milk. 

Hope you enjoyed this ridiculously long post of stories on stories, haha. SEE YA.