that magic though (vol. I)

• A young guy came up to the bar to ask to get a beer to go. At the time we had handicapped guests at the lower bar top, so I gave him the directions to the beer truck on the wharf. Before he walked away I commented on his Nike SB shirt and asked him if he skates. He said he used to, but can’t risk getting injured now that he’s working as an audio engineer. I don’t remember what I said after or what he said either. I think I said something along the lines of, “that’s too bad”. But after awhile, he swung by the bar again to let me know that he found the beer truck okay and thanked me. :)

• I swagged out this lanyard with the coolest pins we had. But no one traded with me until later on in the evening. A little girl asked for this silver Peter Pan pin. It didn’t have any color to it, so I offered another that had color and had Wendy on it. She seemed a little sad, thinking that it was too late to change her mind. But her face lit up when I told her she could have whichever one she wanted more. :)

• This totally rad dude came into the bar so hyped on life. He was quite a character and was making friends with strangers. He asked me which drink was the best. I don’t drink. But I suggested the “fun wheel” because I see the bartenders making it more often. He was stoked on it when I told him what was in it. Apparently the ingredients will really, “mess you up”.

• A guy in a scooter came up to the bar after we had closed and wanted to sit in the bar to watch the World of Color show. He just wanted to get a good view. I didn’t feel right turning him away, so I got the “ok” from my lead to let him in. He was so stoked. After I let him in he let me know that he’s never seen it before and thanked me. :)