Young the Giant just released another In The Open session and I was so stoked to find it in my newsfeed this morning. If I have ever given you a ride in my car before, then you know that I have all of their In The Open sessions of their first record on a little mix CD I made back in high school. Holly introduced their music to me way back when and since then I have kept their music on my playlist. Their In The Open sessions are my favorite. 

If you haven’t seen it, here’s a little video I made of marty + ryanna’s wedding last year. It took me a very long time to post it and come to grips with the mistakes I made or the things that I felt could have been better. Regardless of the insecurities I felt of posting it, it was most definitely something I felt was worth sharing. It was an AMAZING learning experience and I am so grateful to the two of them for reaching out to me to film their special day. ENJOY!